At Budokai Traditional Martial Arts Association we teach traditional Japanese Karate, traditional Japanese Sword (Iaijutsu) and traditional Okinawan Weapons (Kobudo).  Empty hand and weapons are both requirements in our curriculum as we feel this is vital in becoming a well-rounded Martial Artist.   All students abide by traditional reishiki (etiquette) at all times in the dojo.  This creates a person who is poised, confident and exudes respect.   We embrace the concepts of the traditional Martial Arts as they pertain to character, honor, self-discipline, respect for others and for oneself, loyalty, humility, honesty and self-control.


We never take shortcuts in the required training for learning the Art.  It is a demanding journey that requires a commitment from the student without which he will never be successful in learning the Art and its techniques correctly.


As Owner and Chief Instructor of our system, my commitment is to always give 110% in my efforts to provide my students with quality instruction and the proper environment to learn the great Art of Karate, Iaijutsu and Kobudo. 


May your journey here be fulfilling and rewarding in every way.




Jerry Pritchett

Owner and Chief Instructor

Budokai Traditional Martial Arts